Many hats...





Kathy spent much of her childhood running free on the shores of Lake Michigan and her love of its natural beauty has always remained in her soul. She grew up in a family of five with a mother who was very resourceful, hard working and imaginative.  Kathy had a free spirited nature and she roved the world in her twenties working as a fashion model.  In Paris, she worked with designers such as Yves St. Laurent for his haute couture show and experienced first hand what it was to take a garment from its inception to its completion.  She was awed by the creativity involved. 

Later she traveled to Munich, she met an artist who was making one of a kind children’s clothing and apprenticed her in her shop learning the art of handcrafting garments uniquely and individually.  After becoming a mom, Kathy moved to Aspen, Colorado where she continued in her mentor’s footsteps creating one of a kind children’s wear while her daughter was still very young. 

Kathy's passion for artfulness and design has been present in all her undertakings. Hats were always inspiring to her because they are whimsical as well as practical. She liked that people could try on different personas while wearing different hats. When she created Lêti-Kat, she fused her love of fashion, her love of nature and her desire to make a difference through helping others. In this spirit she presents to you Lêti-Kat- her line of high-end, sustainable cashmere fashion that’s rooted in giving back.  Leti-Kat’s mission is to provide luxury, warmth and individual style, while leaving the world a better hat at a time.