About Kathy


  • Kathy began her love of fashion while working as a model for Yves St. Laurent in Paris during her twenties. She first transitioned from model to maker apprenticing an artist/designer in Munich making one of a kind children's wear. She went on to make her own line, Blue Moon Kids, a one of a kind line of children's wear when her daughter was small. She studied art and photography for many years before launching her luxury environmental fashion line, Lêti-Kât, fusing her love of nature and passion for creating art, starting with making hats from recycled cashmere.  She now makes all kinds of accessories, ponchos, sweaters, and wraps all out of recycled cashmere, working each piece until it becomes a little item of wearable art. She has continued her artistry learning natural dyeing techniques and eco printing This summer, she showcased her new skills by creating a summer line of hand dyed and ecoprinted silks which she sold at Aspen's Saturday Market.